The Best in Service

Introduction to Us

Are you unsure if a cleaning service is for you? A cleaning service can help with all types of cleaning including the dreaded bathroom. Whatever your need is, it is important to us. We give you all the information on what we do and how we can help you. When you are finished you will have a clearer understanding of what the cleaner does and what we don't do. This can help you to determine if a cleaning service is appropriate for your needs.

Award-Winning Staff

Movers and Shakers in the Company

Greg Maxwell
Greg Maxwell is our media specialist. He helps to bring media coverage to our services to get the word out about us.
Sam Meadows
Company owner Sam Meadows started this company in 2010, inspired by a need for more providing the best home cleaning around.
Lennon Williams
Lennon Williams company attorney. She handles all our contracts and makes sure we are doing things the proper way all the time.
Theresa Cook
Theresa Cook is our general manager. Organizing everything is her specialty. She keeps everything on track around here.